Cosmetic Fillings


 Why do we need fillings done?

When you develop sensitivity to cold, hot or sweet things, there may be something going in your mouth which you need to get checked out by your dentist. A cavity or decay or caries develops when foods, sugars etc that remains in the oral cavity are broken down into acids by bacteria that are present in the oral environment. These acids breakdown tooth enamel creating a cavity.

These cavity calls for your dentist to remove all the decay and fill the tooth area that was removed to prevent future decay and protect the remaining tooth structure left.

What filling materials can/do we use?

Tooth coloured fillings are becoming increasingly popular over the traditional silver mercury fillings. Silver fillings characteristically darken over time and have a tendency to fracture the tooth in the long run. They tend to corrode and leak over time.

Invisible composite bonded fillings are not only more esthetic but require less of tooth structure to be removed. In fact, once bonded in, they strengthen the tooth.


Where can Composites be used?

  • For cavities that form on Occlusal or grinding surface
  • For cavities that occur between 2 teeth
  • For cavities that occur next to the gum line
  • They can also be used to repair broken edges or fractured front teeth
  • They can be used to close spaces between teeth as well.









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